A Timeline of North Carolina Nursing History

This is a timeline of important events in the history of nursing in North Carolina. The timeline covers over 250 years of nursing history in North Carolina, from the Revolutionary War to the present day.

The History of professional nursing in North Carolina 1902-2002 by Phoebe Pollitt

A North Carolina nursing history book list

Timeline from the Centennial (2002) program put together by members of the Centennial Committee

Chronological annotated bibliography of articles in the American Journal of Nursing about North Carolina nurses.

Major highlights related to the North Carolina Nurse Practice Act 1903-2005 are described here.

The NC Nurse Association 75th Anniversary Committee put together a timeline of significant events "Highlights" in NC nursing history from 1939-1976".

The North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists timeline is here.  

North Carolina Board of Health's Health Bulletin articles about nursing 1888-1942.

The University of Pennsylvania timeline of US nursing history

The North Carolina Nurses Association 2003 Calendar (PDF)

Interactive timeline about Dix Hospital (the first state psychiatric hospital) in Raleigh

NC Nurses in various wars from the NC museum of history

Bibliography of books related to hosptials and physicans in NC that have information about NC nurses and /or nursing schools is here.


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Asheville, North Carolina
11 Jan 1925, Sun  •  Page 24