Qualla Boundary (Eastern Band Cherokee Indians) County

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Qualla Boundary (Eastern Band Cherokee Indians)
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Notable individuals from nursing history.
  • Frela Dean Owl Beck (1940- ): Community health nurse in the Qualla Boundary.
  • Casey Cooper ( ): CEO of the Cherokee Indian Hospital, he has served the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation as a Primary Care Nurse, Community Health Nurse, and nursing educator. An article about his work can be found attached in the Resources section below.
  • Helen Crossley (1930s): Nurse who spent a few years during the Depression of the 1930s working with the Indian Health Service on the Qualla Boundary.
  • Virginia Rosebud Sneed Dixon (1919-2021): Eastern Band Cherokee nurse and veteran of World War II and the Korean War.
  • Trudy B. Fann (1922- ): Wartime nurse in the U.S. Navy, she settled in Johnson City after getting married and worked as a surgical service nurse for the VA. An article about her career and experiences can be found attached in the Resources section below.
  • Lula Owl Gloyne (1891-1985): First Eastern Band Cherokee nurse.
  • Mary Ann Lambert Luff (1916-2013): U.S. Army Nursing Corps nurse who served two years as a 1st LT in France during World War II. After the war she served as a nurse for a veteran's hospital.
  • Ernestine Walkingstick (1937-1999): Public health nurse and advocate for victims of domestic violence.
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