Forsyth County


Learn more about nursing history in Forsyth County


  • Extensive clippings and files under "nurses," "hospitals," and "public health" found in Forsyth Public Library.
  • Nurse Doxie Whitfield is honored for her work as a humanitarian.
  • Information about Nurse Edna Heinzerling RN, Director of the NC Baptist Hospital School of Nursing.
  • Zeta H. Beeson  (b. 7 Jul 1911 - d. 30 Jun 1970) Captain Army Nurse Corps WW II and Korea
  • Article about nurse executive Kim Richards, RN from Clemmons.
  • Article about Nurse Pernelle Shaw,RN, 1944 graduate of Kate B. Reynolds Hospital
  • Ruth Crew Grimes, RN  Red Cross and Spanish Flu nurse, 1920s, Winston-Salem

Schools of Nursing

Health Care Institutions

  •  Prichard, R. W.   (1976) Winston-Salem's Black Hospitals Prior to 1930.  Journal of the National Medical Association.68(3).  p 246-249.
  • Grimes, W. T. (1972)  The History of Kate Bitting Reynolds Memorial Hospital.  Journal of the National Medical Association. 64(4). p.376-381.
  • Information and photographs about early hospitals in Winston Salem.
  • Information about early hospitals in Winston salem from NCLEARN.
  • Information about the Forsyth County Red Cross Chapter with information about early nurses.
  • Information and photograph about Twin City Hospital (see 1901 under Twin City Hospital).
  • Report of the 1955 Community Nursing Service of Winston-Salem/Forsythe County
  • The NC State Archives in Raleigh has the records of the Slater Hospital Board of Managers from 1899-1919.
  • WSSU also has records/manuscripts about Slater.
  • A GREAT LINK to the history of hospials in Winston Salem


  • Photographs of nurses and nursing students in Forsyth County found on the Digital Forsyth website.
  • Photographs of nurses working at the RJ Reynolds plant in the 1920s.
  • Photograph of a capping ceremony at Baptist Hospital school of Nursing circa 1960.
  • Early public health nursing timeline for Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Article about the state eugenics (sterilization) program qith quotes from African American nurses Lula Morrison and ida Ruth Staplefoote. (Article title: "A Closer Past SOME May have Forgot")
  • 1937 Rules for the Winston Salem Nurses Association District 2
  • "The history of the bedside nursing program in Winston-Salem, Forsythe County". By Nurse Marjorie Spaulding.  The Health Bulletin, Feb 1948, pg 13.
  • Article mentioning Lt. Vinnie Curry, RN and Lt. Thelma Gallman, RN of Winston Salem.
  • Rules for the nurses registry of Winston-Salem (for White nurses)

Learn more about nursing in the early Moravian Settlements

  • Durham Morning Herald, 11-21-1948 "State's first organized nursing started in 1772 by the Moravians of Wachovia".
  • Moore, M.L. (August, 1969) Bright Spot in the 18th Century. American Journal of Nursing, 69 (8).  pp 1705-1709.
  •  Wyche, M.L. (1938).  The history of nursing in North Carolina. University of North Carolina Press:  Chapel Hill, NC.