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People and Biographies
Notable individuals from nursing history.
  • Zeta H. Beeson (1911-1970): Nurse anesthetist who was Captain in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II and the Korean War.
  • Margaret Fuller (1910s): First public health nurse in Forsyth County. Some newspaper clippings about her life and career can be found in the Resources section below.
  • Ruth Crew Grimes (1892-1921): Red Cross and Spanish Flu nurse in Winston-Salem.
  • Edna Heinzerling (1888-1977): Director of NC Baptist Hospital School of Nursing and historian of nursing history.
  • Pernelle Shaw (1920- ): African American nurse anesthetist. (An article about Shaw's experiences becoming a nurse, written by Mark Wineka, was published in the Salisbury Post on February 25, 2015.)
  • Doxie Whitfield (1942- ): Nursing educator and humanitarian who served Forsyth County. She was honored in 2008 for her exemplary service and accomplishments in the field.
Special Topics
Special topics and events from the county's nursing history.
  • Nursing in the Moravian Settlements
    • Moore, M.L. (1969, August). Bright spot in teh 18th century. American Journal of Nursing, 69(8), pp.1705-1709.
    • State's first organized nursing started in 1772 by the Moravians of Wachovia. (1948, November 21). Durham Morning Herald. Durham, North Carolina.
    • Wyche, M.L. (1938). The history of nursing in North Carolina. University of North Carolina Press: Chapel Hill, NC.
Additional resources for further research.

Health Care Institutions

Articles and Publications

  • Braddy, M. (1964, March 5). Nurses recall school days. Twin City Sentinel. Article about the City Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.
  • Grimes, W. T. (1972). The History of Kate Bitting Reynolds Memorial Hospital. Journal of the National Medical Association, 64(4), pp.376-381.
  • Ouellete, S. & Owens, S. ed. (2002). A History of the Nurse Anesthesia Program: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. University of North Carolina at Greensboro Press; Greensboro, NC.
  • Prichard, R. W. (1976). Winston-Salem's Black Hospitals Prior to 1930. Journal of the National Medical Association, 68(3), pp.246-249.
  • Spaulding, M. (1948, February). The history of the bedside nursing program in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County. The Health Bulletin, p.13.


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