Southern Oral History Project at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Patricia Neal

  • Interview No. C-0068: Neal, Patricia, 1935-
  • Neal, Patricia, 1935-6 June 1989 No restrictions. Open to research. Patricia Neal moved to Durham, North Carolina, from Connecticut in 1953 to study nursing at Duke University.


Robin Corbett

  • Interview No. K-0606: Corbett, Robin
  • Corbett, Robin August 22, 2002 No restrictions. Open to research.Associate Professor of Nursing at East Carolina University School of Nursing. Expected hurricane to hit brother in Florida; went to Washington, D.C. for a conference but then returned to family in North Carolina when realized hurricane would hit N.C. coast; gets involved in Emergency Center; works as nurse at Carver rescue station.


Martha Henderson

  • Interview No. R-0081: Henderson, Martha L., MSN
  • Henderson, Martha March 24, 1999 No restrictions. Open to research.Decision not to go medical school when she heard about the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner position at Carol Woods, an assisted living facility in Chapel Hill, NC


Elaine Barney

  • Interview No. U-0217: Barney, Elaine
  • Barney, Elaine.March 1, 2007No restrictions. Open to research.Childhood in the Bronx during the 1940s and 1950s; experiences at Cornell University Nursing School; experiences as a female nurse in New York City Hospitals and then as a school nurse; impressions of emerging second wave feminist movement in the late 1960s in Philadelphia, involvement in women's health initiatives; trip to 1969 Boston Women's Health Collective Convention; Discussion of Our Bodies, Our Selves; move to North Carolina in 1975


Theresea Elder

  • Interview No. U-0360: Elder, Theresea C., 1927-
  • Elder, Theresea C., 1927-May 22 2008 No restrictions. Open to research.Thereasea Elder discusses her childhood experiences in the Greenville community; attendance at West Charlotte High School; insularity of the segregated community; environmental health hazards within black neighborhoods; impact of the Great Depression; childhood games and activities; segregated cemeteries. Charlotte's spatial expansion; administering the Denver Developmental Test; experiences as the first black public health nurse in the county.

Annie McKoy