Orange County


Learn more about nursing history in Orange County


  • Margaret Dolan - of Lillington, NC, became a national nursing leader as President of the American Nurse Association. She chaired the UNC-CH School of Public Health's Department of Public Health Nursing. 
  • Audrey Booth AHEC Nursing Leader. In 1956, Audrey Booth was the first student to receive a Master of Science in Nursing Degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 
  • Annie Ruth Graham WWII, Korea and Vietnam nurse from Efland, North Carolina.
  • Orange County women during WWI, with a little bit about nurses.
  • Oral history with Judy Hawkins one of the first nurses to work at the Carol Woods Assisted Living Faciility in Chapel Hill.
  • Oral history with Martha Henderson a Geriatric Nurse Pracititoner at Carol Woods, a retirement/assisted living facility in Chapel Hill.
  • Betty Baines Compton, Pioneer Family Nurse Practitioner.
  • Martha Bell, colonial and Revolutionary War Nurse

School of Nursing

  • Oral history with Nurse Elizabeth Scott Carrington who was instrumental in the founding of the UNC-CH School of Nursing.
  • Fitzgerald, G.L. (1991). The School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and the pioneers who built it.  Self published Raleigh, NC

Health Care Institutions

  • Sessoms, D. (1960).  A safety project in elementary schools. American Journal of Nursing 60(9). pp 1288-1289.
  • Orange County women during WWI, with a little bit about nurses.
  • Information about the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic with information about Registered and Volunteer nurses.

  • Other

"Resources contributing to total family living" By Mrs. Edith Brocker, Supervising Nurse - Orange-Person-Chatham County Health District.  The Health Bulletin. Feb 1948 p 5.

There is a photograph from a Chapel Hill maternity clinic for African Americans on page 11 in the May 1940 Health Bulletin.