Macon County


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Miss Margaret Harry, public health nurse of Highlands, N.C. with the latest arrival in a large family whose life she was instrumental in bringing into the world. All the other children have been under Miss Harry's care from time to time and they adore her 

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  • These articles describe some of the work of Margaret Harry, one of the first Red Cross nurses (called Delano nurses) who worked in the Town and Country Nursing Service in NC.
  • From the June 30, 1923, The Red Cross Courier.   Delano Nurses Carry Light to Dark Places  
    "Miss Margaret M. Harry is building solidly in her work with the mountaineers of North Carolina. Of necessity she has given much time and thought to bedside nursing. She is, however, projecting herself strongly into the future by her furtherance of education along the lines with the rising generation. She is now the proud possessor of a fine little saddler, and the lonely mountain trails no longer terrify as she makes her rounds."  (a fine little saddler is a calm small horse)
Margaret Harry -
  • From "The Laurel Magazine"
  • Another incident happened many years ago, right about at the Macon-Jackson County line. Miss Harry, a Delano Red Cross nurse assigned to Highlands, was driving a young man off to school in Asheville. She had asked two teenage girls to accompany her on the trip. They were stopped at the big view on the county line by two men. The men showed Miss Harry their badges and said they were Federal Revenue agents. Miss Harry tried to explain to them about their trip but the men made Miss Harry and the three teenagers get out while they searched the car, The federal agents said they were searching all cars leaving Macon County for illegal whisky. 

Another mention of Nurse Margaret Harry sending local studnets to Lincoln University in TN.

Angel Brother's Hospital in Macon had a School of Nursing in the 1920s -1930s.  It was one of the few hospitals to accept male students.  One of the schools graduates was Registered Nurse Ben Harrison was listed in the County Register of  Nurses by 1929.


 Below is a photo of a dental clinic sponsored by teh state department of health.  Before electricity came to many rural counties in the late 1940s, surgeries and dental procedures were held outside in good weather.