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  • BURGAR, Ruby Rich. North Carolina Lives, pub. 1962, p. 185. [920 N NCC] B. 1908. Nurse. (Born in N.C. She was graduated from Baker Sanitorium School of Nursing, Lumberton, NC, in 1929. She began her career as an Industrial Nurse with Manville-Jenckes Co., of Gastonia N.C., in 1929-30.)

  • CROWELL, Dorothy Lee McConnell. North Carolina Lives, pub. 1962, p. 320. [920 N NCC] B. 1916. (Born on March 24, 1916, in East Lincoln County, NC. She was educated at the School of Nursing, Gordon Crowell Memorial Hospital in Lincolnton.)

  • DAMERON, Ruby Heath. North Carolina Lives, pub. 1962, p. 331. [920 N NCC] B. 1902. Nurse. (Born on June 29, 1902 in Bessemer City, Gaston Co., N.C. She studied at the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing in Charlotte. She served on Board of directors with the N.C. State Nurses Association.)

Health Care Institutions

  • Atkins, S. ( November, 1934).  "Gaston County Nutrition Camp"  The Health Bulletin pg 11-12.
  • DePreist, J. "Exhibit recalls unique mission of the NC Orthopedic Hospital"  Charlotte Observer
  • McBryde, A. & Read M. S. (1991).  A History of the North Carolina Orthopedic Hospital: A Dream Come True.   Washburn Press: Charlotte.
  • August 12, 1954 article from the Gastonia Gazette about personnel changes at the Gaston Negro Hospital
  • Article about the transition from the Gaston Hospital diploma program to the new ADN and LPN programs at Gaston College.
  • Nursing Students study at GMH (Gaston Memorial Hospital).
  • Application for Historic Desgination for the Gaston City Hospital with information about the nursing school and some of the nurses who worked there. Also, on page 22 there is a paragraph about African American hosptials in Gastonia with significant citations.
  • Photograph of an African Amercan nurse caring for children at the Orthopedic Hospital on page 115


  • Vertical files related to nursing found in the Gaston County Public Library
  • Photograph of first African American nurses landing in England in WWII including Rubye Collins RN of Gastonia
  • Photograph of the African American unit of the Orthopedic Hospital 1926
  • Article about integration of the staff at Gaston Memorial Hospital:

    Gastonia Gazetle,

    4/3/1963, p.1B

     3 Negro Nurses Join GMH Staff

       Gaston Memorial Hospital has announced the hiring of the first Negroes as nurses.

      Three of five nurses added to the staff Monday are Negroes.  They are Mrs. Edna Jarvis,

      Mrs. Mary Charles Moore and Miss Barbara Love.  Also hired were Mrs. Berline Elliott

      and Mrs. Sylvia Greene.   Mrs. Jarvis is the only registered nurse of the five, having

      graduated from Columbia General Hospital, Columbia, S.C.  The four others are licensed

      practical nurses, all graduated of Charlotte LPN School.  Fred Hubbard, administrator at

     the hospital, said that the hospital had been short of qualified nurses recently and that

      the five applications were accepted.  Addition of the Negroes to the nursing staff will be a

     gradual development.  Hubbard said.

  • The Gastonia Gazette 
    Gastonia, North Carolina
    14 Jan 1921, Fri  •  Page 1

The Gastonia Gazette 
Gastonia, North Carolina
01 Jun 1917, Fri  •  Page 5

Mrs. Roxie Newton is elected President of the NC Indistrial Nurses Asociation 1959

Gastonia, North Carolina
03 Feb 1959, Tue  •  Page 8


The Gastonia Gazette
Gastonia, North Carolina
03 Nov 1914, Tue  •  Page 1

Gaston Co Public Health nurse 1914

The Gastonia Gazette
Gastonia, North Carolina
16 Jun 1914, Tue  •  Page 4

Gaston -

Gastonia, North Carolina
27 Oct 1947, Mon  •  Page 10