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  • Sessons, D. (1960) A safety project in the elementary school.  American Journal of Nursing 60(9) 1288-1289. This is an article about school nursing in Chatham County in 1960.
  • Virginia Russell, R.N. from Bear Creek, was a flight nurse in WWII in Europe.

    Virginia Russell Davis was from Bear Creek, North Carolina.  Russell served as a flight nurse in World War II in the 810th Squadron.  She was stationed for two years in England and Europe.  She assisted the wounded to hospitals in England from the battlefields.  She met her husband who was a C-47 pilot in England.  Taken from her interview on UNCTV, she recalled her job was to "bring a little bit of home to them", but her work was often difficult.  She not only cared for the American soldiers, she found a wounded German soldier on board the C-47 that picked up wounded soldiers.  During one of her takeoff’s to pick up wounded soldiers the plane she was on crashed.  She attempted to help a suffering crewmember, but he did not make it.  During a  UNCTV interview she stated, “You had to keep going.” 

  • Below is  a photocopy of a newspaper clipping from 1972 that reports Chatham County public health nurse  Elva Butler  received the "Candle in the Dark" award from the Sigma Theta Tau Chapter at UNC-CH for her service as a public health nurse.


Eva Butler

Eva Butler