Virginia Russell Reavis

Virginia Russell Reavis
WWII Air Evacuation Nurse

Virginia Russell Davis was from Bear Creek, North Carolina.  Russell served as a flight nurse in World War II in the 810th Squadron from 1942-1945.  She was stationed for two years in England and Europe.  She assisted the wounded to hospitals in England from the battlefields.  She met her husband who was a C-47 pilot in England.  Taken from her interview on UNCTV, she recalled her job was to "bring a little bit of home to them", but her work was often difficult.  She not only cared for the American soldiers, she found a wounded German soldier on board the C-47 that picked up wounded soldiers.  During one of her takeoff’s to pick up wounded soldiers the plane she was on crashed.  She attempted to help a suffering crewmember, but he did not make it.  During a  UNCTV interview she stated, “You had to keep going.”