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Notable individuals from nursing history.
  • Amy Fisher Barrier (1901-1990): Lutheran Watauga Parish Nurse from Mount Pleasant, NC.
  • Nancy Burrage (1928- ): Pediatric nurse who graduated from Cabarrus County Hospital School of Nursing, and spent nearly seven decades of service to Carolina Medical Center Northeast in Corcord, NC.
  • Anne Ferguson (1872-1931): Spanish American War nurse from Concord, NC.
  • Ada Estelle Harris (1910s): World War 1 nurse Ada Estelle Harris of Concord, N.C., Cabarrus County. Entered the service at Camp Meade as Army Nurse, unattached. Joined Dr. Long's Unit from Greensboro, N.C., and sailed for France Sept. 1, 1918, from New York. Landed at Liverpool, Eng. Then went to Havre, France, from there to Brest. Sailed over on Convoy Unit to Base Hospital No. 65--Debarkation Hospital for wounded soldiers to be sent back to the United States. Sailed for USA June 1, 1919. Arrived June 11, 1919. Discharged July 6, 1919, at New York. (Genealogy record)
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  • Roberson, A. (1947, July). The six year old gets ready for school in Cabarrus County. The Health Bulletin, p.12-13. Article about school nursing in Cabarrus County in 1947.


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