Negro Division at the North Carolina State Sanatorium

Negro Division at the North Carolina State Sanatorium
Hoke County, NC
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In 1908, the North Carolina State Sanatorium became the first state institution for the treatment of tuberculosis patients. A division for African Americans was established in 1923, a division for prisoners in 1925, and a division for children in 1927. In 1973, the State Sanatorium became McCain Hospital. With the increasingly low incidence of tuberculosis, the hospital was transferred to the Division of Prisons in October 1983. Today it serves as a minimum custody health care center for male inmates.

1940 US Census List of State Sanatorium Nurses

1940 US Census list of names of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Student Nurses (SNs) working and learning at the Negro Division of the State Sanatorium in Hoke County:

Registered Nurses (RN)

  • Carrie Broadfoot, Superintendent
  • Mary Powell
  • Nannie Blue
  • Edna Jones
  • Ruth Faulkner
  • Hattie Turnage
  • Alice Mae Perara
  • Phlay Frierson

Student Nurses (SN)

  • Maggie S Heridan
  • Mable Davis
  • Clair McNair
  • Lucille Howard
  • Naomi Taggert
  • Lillian Currie
  • Pauline Spain
  • Jaunita Richardson
  • Sarah Louise McCoy
  • Mary Page
  • Altha White
  • Winnifred Whitehead
  • Nezzie Flowers
  • Mary Durensell
  • Margaret Harper
  • Ruth Muchison
  • Leopald Marks


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