Good Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing

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  • Archives from the hospital can be found in the NC State Archives in Raleigh (see below)
  • Good Samaritan Hospital, Inc. (Charlotte, N.C.), Minutes and General Records, 1891 - 1960 - The Good Samaritan Hospital was organized in 1889 in Charlotte under the auspices of St. Peter's Episcopal Church of that city. Operative under the sponsorship of that church until 1960, the hospital is believed to be the first privately-funded hospital in the United States built and operated exclusively for black patients. The collection documents general operation of the hospital through minutes; annual reports; a listing of medical staff and Nursing School (undated single item); by-laws and amendment; certificate of amendment to charter, 1947; reports, including report of Trustees of Diocese, May 1960; records from Diocesan Headquarters, Raleigh [Xeroxed copies of original records in Episcopal Diocesan Office, Raleigh]; and miscellaneous. Dates of the collection range from 1891 to 1960, with annual reports dating from 1892 to 1911 and minutes dating from 1916 to 1953.
  • Article and photos of nurses who worked at Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Article about Good Samaritan Hospital in the Journal of the National Medical Association
  • Information about the founder of Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Information about  Good Samaritan Hospital can be found in the clippings file at the Charlotte Mecklenberg County Library in Charlotte, NC.
  • African American Hospitals in North Carolina: 39 Institutional Histories, 1880–1967
    Book by Phoebe Ann Pollitt  has a chapter about Good Samaritan Hospital and School of Nursing