Duke University School of Nursing History

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  • Many items related to nursing are in the Duke University Medical Center Archives (put the word "nurse" in the search box).
  • "The thinking nurse: Duke University School of Nursing celebrating 75 years" a DVD available from the school.
  • See Thelma Ingles and Ruby Wilson under Biographies on this web site.
  • See Duke University School of Nursing in Diploma Programs and BSN education on this website.
  • Photograph of Duke nursing students circa 1960s.
  • Photograph of the 1933 graduating class.
  • "Duke University School of Nursing"  American Journal of Nursing Vol. 29, No. 11 (Nov., 1929), pp. 1319-1321.
  • Biographical File  Of particular interest ar the files of Thelma Ingles, creator (with Dr. Eugene Stead) of the first master's of Nursing in Advanced Practice, 1957-1962 (see biography section of this website). Donna Harris first African American graduate of Duke University school of Nursing, and Ann Henshaw Gardiner, hsitorian and first group of in the nursing faculty at Duke.  Her scrapbook documents the beginnings of the program in 1930.
  • School of Nursing  Records, of particular interest are the files of: Bessie Baker, first Dean of Duke School of Nursing, Ann Jacobansky, faculty member and interim Dean with materials ranging from 1932-1980, Ruby Wilson, Dean from 1989-1985 (see biography section on this website), Florence Wilson, Dean from 1946-1954, Myrtle Irene Brown, Faculty member and Dean from 1968-1970.
  • Photographs
  • Obituary of Ruth Long RN, CRNA who taught in the Nurse Anesthetist program at Duke for many years (bottom left).
  • Pollitt, P.A. and Reesman, K.S. (2011).  Back to the Beginning: The PA and NP professions each got a nudge from an MSN program at Duke.  Advance for NPs and PAs.  November 2011 p 37-39