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  • Ellen Fitzgerald (1841-1916): Upon her death, Fitzgerald left her home to the city of Monroe to be used as a hospital, which became known as the Ellen Fitzgerald Hospital. When a new hospital facility was opened on the premises, the original home became the nurses' home.
  • Daphine Doster Mastroianni of Monroe (1940s): Daphine Doster Mastroianni, of Monroe, served in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps from 1942 to 1945 as a surgical nurse stationed in New Zealand, Fiji, and India. While in the South Pacific, she became friends with Red Cross worker Joe Mastroianni. When the war ended, Mastroianni returned to his wife in New York. Doster returned to Arkansas and later to North Carolina, remaining single. In 1992, after Mastroianni’s wife died, he and Doster reconnected and married. They had seven wonderful years together before his 1999 death.
  • Edith Redwine (1877-1939): First "inspectress" of nursing in North Carolina.
  • Mabel Williams ( ): Segregation era nurse. (Oral history interview with Mabel Williams available through UNC's Documenting the American South, in which she talks about racial discrimination at the Ellen Fitzgerald Hospital.)
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