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Notable individuals from nursing history.
  • Ruby Gilbert Barnes, PhD (1918-2013): Nursing educator and Director of the MSN Program at UNC Greensboro. (Memorial for Ruby Barnes can be found on Dignity Memorial.)
  • Cherry Maynor Beasley (1953- ): Nursing leader and Lumbee Indian nurse.
  • Erlene Baxley Lewis (1923-2018): Nursing administrator from Lumberton, NC. (Memorial for Erlene Lewis available from The News Reporter.)
  • Errol Oxendine ( ): The first Lumbee Indian to be selected as NC Nursing Student of the Year in 2000.
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Special topics and events from the county's nursing history.
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  • Delany, A.M., & Teisburg, H. (1952). They donned their caps again. American Journal of Nursing, 52(7), pp.841-842. This article describes nurses returning to work at Robeson Memorial Hospital during a severe nursing shortage.


  • The Robeson County Historical Museum has oral histories about Baker Sanitarium and the medical history of Robeson County.

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