Madison County

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Health Care Insitutions

  • Dorland-Bell School in Hot Springs, NC
  • White Rock Hospital

Articles and Publications

  • Bellamy, F.R. (1921). The story of White Rock. New York : Educational Dept., Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church. Digitized copy available through Open Library.
  • Hunter, E. (1997, April-May). Hot Springs Health Care Pioneers. Appalachian Magazine. Article about the two nurses who founded the Hot Springs, North Carolina Rural Health Clinic.
  • Mountain Nurse. (1964). The Health Bulletin. Available online through UNC University Archives. Cover photograph and pages 2-9 are about Public Health Nurse Mrs. Anna Fox of Madison County.  It is reprinted from "MD," Vol 8, #6, June 1964.
  • Painter, J.B. (1996). The Season of Dorland -Bell: History of an Appalachian Mission School. Revised Second Edition. Excerpt attached below.
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Phoebe Pollitt