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Biography from the book "Voices" by Dr. Evelyn Wicker:

Carolyn Evangeline Henderson, RN ’71, BS, MSN

Georgia King Battle was born in Kinston around 1900, the daughter of Harriet and Frank King.  After completing all the education that was available to her as an African American in the Kinston City Schools in the early 1900s, she completed high school at the Mary Potter Academy in Oxford NC.  Battle graduated from Lincoln Hospital Nursing School in New York City, and returned to Kinston where she became the county’s first public health nurse in 1922.  Battle briefly moved to Washington, DC, and worked at the Freedman’s Hospital, but soon returned to Lenoir County.  She resumed her job as a public health nurse and stayed almost 40 years until her retirement.  She received both a Service Award and a Certification of Merit from the NC Division of Health Services.  On May 29th, 1977, the Lenior Memorial Hospital Nursing Alumni Association honored her as a “Pioneer Nurse” at a tea.  The City of Kinston named a Community Center in her honor.

Schools of Nursing

  • Benton, M (July, 1940) Obstetrical nursing experience: A small hospital school of nursing makes use of every facility in the hospital and in the community.   American Journal of Nursing 40 (7) pp. 768-770.

Health Care Institutions

  • Photograph of Memorial General Hospital in Kinston


  • 1976 report on the history of nursing in Lenoir County is housed at the Heritage Place Collection of the Lenoir Community College Library.


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