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Article about Terri Watson, RN lead school nurse for Gates County.

From the book "Voices" by Dr. Evelyn Wicker:

Alice Harrell Young Tharrington, RN ’68, BS

I graduated from Central High School in Gatesville, North Carolina, in May 1965. Gatesville is a rural town near Ahoskie and Elizabeth City in the north eastern part of the state. I attended Lincoln immediately following graduation from high school, and I graduated from Lincoln in 1968.

               My immediate family consisted on my mother and father, four brothers, and one sister, who was the oldest and four years older than me. We were very poor but we were very close and knew we could not live without each other even though we had the normal sibling rivalry.

               I picked cotton , chopped in the field, worked in my teacher’s home cleaning up, and did any other jobs I could do. From about the age of eleven or twelve I stopped going to school every day because those old enough to work had to stay home to pick cotton. I never got behind, though, because one of my girlfriends who didn’t have to work would send me my assignments to keep me informed. She would send it by my brothers who were too young to work. For two summers before graduating from high school I worked in Wildwood, New Jersey, as a chambermaid at a very nice motel.

               I decided I did not want that life forever, so in my mind I made plans to get an education and leave home as soon as possible. When I found out that Lincoln was less expensive than college and that it only required three years of study, I began to pursue that school and nursing. That’s why I went to Lincoln.

               After graduating from Lincoln, I decided to get my bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN). I attended North Carolina Central University to accomplish that goal. I became very frustrated with the nursing program and decided to get by BS in health education, graduating in 1977.

               In 1971 I married Billy Young of Durham, North Carolina. My roommate from Lincoln, Carolyn Martin, introduced us. We were married for eighteen years before he passed away. From that union we have one son, Tyrone Young. Tyrone has a wife, Lisa, and one son, Winston. In 1999, ten years after Billy died, I married Lynwood Tharrington (who has three married sons and six grandchildren).

               I worked for eight years in the hospital setting and twenty-five years at the American Red Cross, where twenty-two years I supervised the apheresis lab. I also volunteered to teach health classes in the evenings. Following my retirement I started a business teaching CPR and first aid. I am currently still running this business, which is very fulfilling and making a difference in the lives of those who achieve certification.