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  • Jennie Washington Battle (1913-1992): Jeannie Washington Battle was born on August 13th, 1913 to Lewis and Jennie Gibson Washington in Chalottesville, VA.  Battle received her nursing degree from St. Augustine College in Raleigh, North Carolina.  After completing this degree Battle worked as a community health nurse for the Edgecombe County Health Department.  Battle was assigned to the African American citizens of the county.  Battle was very involved in her community she conducted immunization clinics around the community and went into the schools to give immunizations.  Battle worked with new mothers caring for their infants, nutrition education, helped educate about the spread of communicable diseases, and Battle even went out in disasters (floods etc.) to assist the residents.  After 35 years of service Battle retired in June 1978.
  • Ella Mae Fryar (1920s): Fryar served as the Red Cross Nurse for Edgecombe County in 1924.
  • Susan Myrick of Tarboro (1963- ): Myrick directed the cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation program at Vidant Edgecombe Hospital in Tarboro, working with physicians, staff, community organizations and individuals to promote better quality of life for patients with chronic diseases. She began her work at Vidant Edgecombe Hospital in 1984, serving as a pharmacy technician. She earned an associate's degree in nursing from Edgecombe Community College in 1994, and began her role as a registered nurse.
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  • In the Nusing World: North Carolina. (1919). The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review, Vol. 62-63, pp.258-260. (Digitized copy available through Google Books.) North Carolina section of article discusses the graduation exercises for the nurses of Edgecombe Hospital School of Nursing.


  • Four Separate Full- Length Views of Nurse Laura Catherine Doub, of the Base Hospitals Number Seventeen (17) and One Hundred Fifteen (115); Evacuation Hospital Number Twenty- Six (26) and Forty- Nine (49); General Hospital Number Twenty- One (21); Served Overseas with the American Expeditionary Forces, During World War One; the Close- Up View Shows her Standing with George Looms in Germany; Photographs Taken circa 1919 can be found in the NC State Archives.

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