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Notable individuals from nursing history.


  • Gretchen Brinson (1940s): World War II nurse from Morehead City, NC. (Biographical sketch available on NCpedia.)
  • Edith Broadway (1877-1952): Superintendent of Morehead City's first hospital, opened in 1912.
  • Horace K. Ford (1860s): Horace Ford was a Union soldier during the Civil War who was a patient and a nurse at the Hammond Hopsital in Morehead City during the Civil War.  Seven letters he wrote during the Civil War from Morehead City are found in the Southern Historical Collection at UNC -Chapel Hill. (Horace K. Ford Papers, 1862-1863 and undated, available from UNC Libraries Southern Historical Collection.)
  • Emeline Jamison Pigott (1836-1919): Confederate Civil War nurse born in Carteret county. (Biography available on NCpedia.)
  • Charlotte Rhone (1874-1963): Social worker and first African-American nurse in NC.
  • Mary Phinney von Olnhausen (1818-1902): Mary Phinney von Olnhausen was an American nurse, abolitionist, and diarist. During the Civil War, she served as nurse at the Mansfield General Hospital at Morehead, North Carolina.

Articles, Biographies and Autobiographies

  • Barton, G. (1898). Angels of the battlefield: a history of the labors of the Catholic sisterhoods in the late Civil War. Catholic Art Publishing Company. A book about Catholic sisters/nurses care during the Civil War.  the sisters/nurses experiences in North Carolina, primarily Beaufort and New Bern are on pages 211-232. (Digitized copy available through NC Digital Collections.)
  • Cahill, C. (1947, November 2). Morehead City pays tribute to Nurse who helped in establishing hospital. Greensboro Daily News, p.8. Article about a ceremony honoring Nurse Edith Broadway.
  • Colon, A.L. (1919). Experiences during the epidemic - I. Influenza at Cedar Branch Camp. American Journal of Nursing, 19(8), p. 605-611. On pages 607-609 MKB describes her experiences nursing during the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918 in Morehead City, NC. (Available online through Zenodo, part of the OpenAIRE Open Science project.)
  • Hine, B. (1992). Nurses at Work - The 1933 Hurricane. The Researcher. Found in ECU library collection.
Special Topics
Special topics and events from the county's nursing history.
  • New Bern Yellow Fever Epidemic, 1864
    • Farnham, T.J. & King, F.P. (1996, October). "The March of the Destroyer": The New Bern Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1864. The North Carolina Historical Review, 73(4), pp. 435-483.
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