Presidents of NC Nurses Association

Presidents of NC Nurses Association

Past presidents of the North Carolina Nurses Association:

Mary Lewis Wyche1902-1907
Constance Pfohl1908-1913
Cleone Hobbs1914-1916
Eugenia Henderson1917-1919
Blanche Stafford1920
Dorothy Hayden Conyers1921-1922
Pearl Weaver1923
Blanche Stafford1924-1925
Columbia Munds1926-1927
Mary P. Laxton1928-1929
E.A. Kelly1930-1931
Hettie Reinhardt1932-1934
Ruth Council1935-1937
E. Irby Long1937-1939
Marie B. Noel1939-1941
Katherine E. Rehder1941-1943
Flora Wakefield1943-1945
Hazel C. Williams1945-1947
Edna L. Heinzerling1947-1949
Louise P. East1949-1951
Elaine Marshburn1951-1953
Josephine Kerr1953-1955
Edith P. Brocker1955-1957
Margaret Dolan1957-1959
Martha Adams1959-1961
Atha H. Raulston1961-1963
Mary E. Copeland1963-1965
Ruth Peters1965-1967
Eloise R. Lewis1967-1969
Mary Edith Rogers1969-1971
Virginia Stone1971-1973
Rose George1973-1975
Rebecca Taylor1975-1977
Gene Tranbarger (first male President)1977-1979
Ernestine Small (first African American President)1979-1981
Barbara Jo Foley1981-1983
Judy Seamon1983-1985
Hettie Lou Garland1985-1987
Jo Franklin1987-1989
Gale Adcock1989-1991
Sheila Cromer1991-1993
Sandra Wilder1993-1995
Gerry Roberts1995-1997
Dona Caine-Francis1998-1999
Gwen Waddell-Schultz2000-2001
Martha Barham2002-2003
Susan Pierce2004-2005
Dennis Sherrod2006-2007
Ernest Grant2010-2011
Megan Williams2013-2015
Meka Douthit2021-2023

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