North Carolina Nursing History Bookshelf

North Carolina Nursing History Bookshelf

Those who want to read more deeply about North Carolina nursing history can find valuable information in the following books.  If you know of other books we should include in this list, please email Phoebe Pollitt at

General histories of nursing in North Carolina:

  1.  Mary Lewis Wyche, The History of Nursing in North Carolina (1938).  UNC Press.  The first history of nursing in North Carolina published in 1938.  Written /compiled by the founder of NCNA.  Available online at


  1. Phoebe Ann Pollitt, The history of professional nursing in North Carolina 1902-2002.Carolina Academic Press, Durham, NC.  Available online


Histories of schools of nursing:

Clayburn, J. (1985) Mountain memories: The story of Mountain Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing Collegedale Press, Collegedale TN

Clement, M. H. (2001). 100 years of caring: The history of Highsmith Hospital School of Nursing. Fayetteville, N.C: Old Mountain Press.

Collins, P. (2014). Park View Hospital and School of Nursing: A century-long legacy. Rocky Mount, N.C

Duke University. (2011). Duke University School of Nursing: Promise and progress, 1931-1971. Durham, NC: Duke University School of Nursing.

Fitzgerald, G. L. (1991). The School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and the pioneers who built it. Raleigh, NC: G.L. Fitzgerald.

Newman, A., & Haney, D. H. (2018). Miss Bonnie's nurses: The first fifty years of nursing at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Toney, S.P. (2009) - Garner Webb University School of Nursing: History and heritage. Westmoreland: Shelby, NC.

Watts School of Nursing. (2006). A tradition of excellence: Pictorial history of the Watts School.  Durham, NC:  Watts Hospital School of Nurisng

Watts School of Nursing. (1977). Watts School of Nursing, Durham, North Carolina. Durham, N.C: Durham County Hospital Corp.

 Wicker, E. P. B. (2013). Voices: Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing, Durham, North Carolina, 1903. Fuquay Varina, NC:    Jones Booker Pub.


Autobiographies / Biographies:

Adams-Ender, C., & Walker, B. S. (2001). My rise to the stars: How a sharecropper's daughter became an Army general.
Lake Ridge, VA : CAPE Associates

Ingles, T.M. (2013).  Care from the heart. BTW Publishing, La Mesa, CA. (An autobiogry of Thelma Ingles who tried to found the first NP programs in the US at Duke in 1957) edited by Susan Haradon, PhD, Virginia Ingles Haradon, MSW and Paula Wheeldon

Yarger, L. (2017). LOVIE: The story of a southern midwife and an unlikely friendship. Chapel Hill:  UNC Press (Biography of Lovie Beard Shelton of Washington, NC)


Other books of interest about and/or by North Carolina nurses:


North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program. (2007). AHEC nursing initiatives history and accomplishments: 1990-2006. Chapel Hill, N.C: North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program.

O'Lynn, C. E., & Tranbarger, R. E. (2007). Men in nursing: History, challenges, and opportunities. New York, NY: Springer.

Ouellette, S. M., Owens, S. H., Wake Forest University., & University of North Carolina at Greensboro,. (2003). A history of the Nurse Anesthesia Program, 1942-2002: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Winston-Salem, N.C.: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

Pollitt, P. (2017). African American hospitals in North Carolina: 39 institutional histories, 1880-1967.  West Jefferson, NC: McFarland Press

Pollitt, P. (2016). African American and Cherokee nurses in Appalachia: A history, 1900-1965.West Jefferson, NC:  McFarland Press

Toney, S. P., & North Carolina. (2014). First in nursing: A journey of regulatory excellence : The North Carolina Board of Nursing 1903-2013.