Norma R. Roberts, Lipscomb, RN ‘63

Norma R. Roberts, Lipscomb, RN ‘63


Norma R. Roberts Lipscomb was born on January 23, 1943, to Mr. Johnnie T. Roberts Sr. of Rougemont, North Carolina, and Mrs. Ollie Mack Roberts of Durham’s Lebanon Township Community. She was the fourth of five children.

               She received very humble beginnings in Durham, having attended the Durham City School System (now Durham Public School System). She was a graduate of the Hillside High School Class of 1960.

               Her love and care for people led her to pursue a career in nursing. She attended and received her nursing degree from the former Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing and later received the bachelor’s degree in nursing education from North Carolina College (now North Carolina Central University).

               She began a rewarding and extensive career in nursing, having served the Durham health community as a registered nurse for many years. Later, she returned to school and received the master’s degree in educational counseling from NCCU.

               Because of her commitment to the nursing arena, which was her greatest joy, she returned to the profession to teach the freshman nursing classes at the former Watts Hospital School of Nursing for many years. She was the first African American on the faculty at that institution.

               In her later years, she served in nursing administration at what is now Durham Regional Hospital. Upon retiring from the Durham community, Mrs. Lipscomb moved to Hackensack, New Jersey, where she headed a neurosurgical unit in a hospital there.

               Later in 1955, having fought a courageous battle with colon-rectal cancer, Mrs. Lipscomb finished the race. She had kept the faith. She was awarded her sunset.