Minutes from the NC Board of Nurse Examiners, 1950

Hamlet,  Hamlet—The Educational Director reported that the Hamlet Hospital School of Nursing      was not meeting the minimum requirements and standards prescribed by the Joint Committee on Standardization and approved by the North Carolina Board of Nurse Examiners as set forth in the “Regulations for Schools of Nursing in North Carolina 1948,” as follows:  There was much discussion at this point concerning the fact that the Hamlet Hospital School of Nursing had been conditionally accredited many times during the past years.  It was felt that the officials of the school had been given ample opportunity to correct the deficiencies of which they had been notified each year and which continued to exist.  The following motion was made by for the school year beginning June 30, 1951-June 30, 1952; that the names of the students in the school be obtained; that the secretary consult the attorney of the Board as to the proper procedure as to notification of the officials of the school and the students; that if the attorney advises, a hearing be conducted to show cause why the respective school should be placed upon the accredited list for the year ending June 30, 1952; that the first and second year students be given the privilege of transferring to accredited schools of nursing with credit if they wish; that the nursing students who complete work at the school prior to August 30, 1951, be given credit for such work toward eligibility for admission to the State Board Examinations for licensure of registered nurse.”  Seconded by Miss Harrison.  Motion carried.