Loretta Bolin oral history

Loretta Bolin Oral History

HP: Hi my name is Holly Preston I am a UNCW student I am conducting this interview in

Wilmington NC on October 28,2010 at the public health Association Conference

HP: Okay can you tell me your name

LB: My name is Loretta Bolin

HP: Are you comfortable with sharing your age

LB: I am 52

HP: Okay where were you born and raised Y

LB: Yakin County NC

HP: Okay alright what attracted you to nursing

LB: I actually went into nursing about 7 years ago I was an older student when I went back to

school and I was fortunate enough to go to a community college close by and I had always

wanted to give it a try

HP: Okay um so what school did you go to

LB: Siri Community College

HP: Can you tell me a little bit about your nursing education and how it related to community


LB: Um just basic associate degree program through and I actually worked at a hospital at

Winston Salem ended up working on a step down trauma unit which was real exciting but real

long hours so then I transferred up to a rehab program in the stick center that took care of

paralyzed patients and elderly people just all types of rehab and then I saw an add in the paper

for public health in my home town so I applied and got the job I used my rehab experience to

help children with KAPC program in North Carolina

HP: So Is that why you decided to become a public health nurse

LB: That’s right

HP: Can you tell me your first job in community health

LB: My first job actually I am a nurse case manager for the county health department so that’s

my first job for the past 5 years

HP: Um obviously you said your current positon can you tell me your most memorable

experience you did or something out in the community

LB: Um most all of them have been really good because I work out with um children who are

medically fragile and they stay in their homes they attend school but some of the kids are on

vents paralyzed quadriplegic one little fella touched my heart I know I am not supposed to use

names um he was a special fella and he passed away at the age of 14 he was my favorite

HP: IF you had to do it again would you become a community health nurse why or why not

LB: I believe I would and actually part of my plan is to work in the clinic after whenever a job

comes open I would like to do the clinic part of it because I do case management which is not

any hands on case management but there all kinds of nursing that you can do so that’s one

avenue kids can do is case management

HP: Is there anything else you would like to share with nurses in the future who are considering

community health nursing

LB: You really got to love people and you really want to help people

HP: Alright well that’s all we have