Letter in the News and Observer 1988




It Had the First Training School for Colored Nurses


“The Training school for Colored Nurses to be established in Winston is the only school of the kind established in the South,” is stated.  For three years there has been a Training School for Nurses connected with St. Agnes Hospital at St. Augustine’s school, Raleigh.  It is under the professional care of Dr. Hubert A. Rayster, and the Hospital staff includes Dr. A. W. Knox, Dr. James McKee, Dr. W. Royster, Dr. R.H. Simms, Dr. Kemp Battle, Dr. A.W. Goodwin, by whom also lectures are given to the nurses.

Five nurses have already been graduated, and three will receive their diplomas this month.  One graduate is in charge of the Leonard Hospital at Shaw University of this city, one in charge of St.  Agnes Hospital, Raleigh, and one work in the Colored Insane Hospital at Goldsboro.

Hon. Hoke Smith, of Atlanta, Ga., is just sending to the Training school a colored woman in whom his family has been greatly interested.

The Hospital can give the names of nurses available for private nursing, either graduates or pupil nurses.

The Hospital and Training school have an endowment, but are entirely dependent upon voluntary offerings for their support.

Mrs. A. R. Hunter, superintendent, will always be glad to give any further information and to welcome visitors.