Betty Cox Oral History

David Howard Oral History

EM: This is Emma McMantis an UNCW student nurse we are in Wilmington NC conducting interviews at the Pubic Health Association Conference it is October 28, 2010

EM: What is your name

DH: David Howard

EM: Okay and where did you grow up

DH: I grew up in NC

EM: And why did you decide to become a nurse

DH: Well I am not a nurse so I hope this doesn’t mess up your study I am public health professional but not a nurse I have a degree in marketing and a masters in Public health

EM: What attracted you to public health

DH: Well the health aspect I actually was considering athletic training or PT but the population health approach appealed to me

EM: When and where did you go to school

DH: Went to school at UNCW four years for marketing and went to Greensboro UCG for my masters in public health

EM: Okay tell me a little bit about your public health education

DH: It is a health education and influence in health behavior

EM: Okay what is your current position

DH: I am a preparedness coordinator so I serve four counties for preparedness preparation with other agencies and counties to prepare for health related disasters

EM: Tell me about your most memorable experience in your career

DH: Well I left public health for a few years and now I am back but I spent a few years doing health promotions maybe some of the most memorable items were uh some of the work that I did with injury prevention for car accident so the appreciation from parents to tell about the dangers to their children about vehicle accidents and other accidents

EM: If you had to do it over again would you go into the same field

DH: Yeah I would it is important work and I enjoy the

EM: Okay any information that you would give to someone who is considering a career in community health

 DH: Uhh I would say explore all the different avenues of community health its related to medicine its related to sociology its related to lots of things um so they can take other courses to it and decide if they should do a more science based health degree or sociology and public health education it’s a pretty wide field

EM: Thank you