Article about the new ADN program at Gaston College

Nurses trained in joint program between hospital, Gaston College


                Gaston Memorial Hospital has been synonymous with education and training since the day the first student nurses were accepted as a class in 1947.

                Through the years, the hospital has used its facilities to broaden the scope of professional and technical training areas.

                For 26 years, the hospital’s own School of Nursing educated young women for this profession.  When the school was closed in May of this year, a total of 307 students had completed the three-year diploma program.

                In March of this year, the ninth and final class of practical nursing students was graduated bringing to an end the hospital-sponsored 12 month program.

                But the hospital is not without student nurses today.  Both a two-year associate degree program and a one-year practical nurse program have been instituted at Gaston College.  Students in these classes receive clinical experience at Gaston Memorial.

                This fall, a new School of Radiologic Technology opened with seven students enrolled.  After successfully completing this two-year course, the students will be eligible to take examinations to become registered x-ray technicians.

                A formal course for operating room technicians began in October with eight students all of whom are Licensed Practical Nurses.  Upon completion of their training the students will be qualified for scrub and instrument nurse duties.

                Periodically throughout the year training courses are conducted for nurse aides, attendants and unit secretaries.  People in these classes become hospital employees when they begin training and actually earn while they learn.

                The hospital provides clinical experience for students through various affiliations with Administration program have also been assigned to Gaston Memorial for Training.

                The Summer Health Occupation Program has been conducted by the hospital for the past three years.  The program is designed for junior and senior school students in the county who have an expressed interest in entering a health-related career.  The 10-week course provides a learning working experience in the hospital setting and 22 students have participated in it.

                The hospital’s in-service education department offers continuing education programs as well as special courses for all hospital employees in the various departments.