American Red Cross Plea for African American Nurses to help in NC polio epidemic

In response to urgent need for nurses in sections of North Carolina seriously affected by infantile paralysis, Negro nurses in scattered localities throughout the country are following the lead twelve Southern Negro nurses volunteering for polio duty, American Red Cross reported this week. Need for nurses continue to be acute in that area Red Cross said.
                All Negro nurses available for service are urged to register as soon as possible with their Red Cross chapter. The Red Cross functions as a recruiting agency when local nursing resources are depleted; salaries and transportation of nurses assigned are paid by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.
Serve on Polio Duty
                Three Negro nurses recruited through Red Cross national headquarters during the past few days are among those who will serve on polio duty in N.C. Mrs. Gladys Johnson of Fort Worth, Tex., former Red Cross itinerant nursing instructor in Midwestern States, will serve as supervisor in the polio wards at the Kate Bitting Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Winstn-Salem and Estelle Coles, a recent graduate of Freedman’s Hospital School of Nursing in Washington, DC, has also has been assigned there. Earlier in the week Manna Beaman, Richmond, volunteered for service and was assigned to St. Agnes Hospital, Raleigh.
Plain Dealer; Date: 08-13-1948, Volume: 25; Issue: 31; Page: [6]
Kansas City, Kansas