1947 report on Hamlet Hospital School of Nursing



Special Committee Visiting Hamlet Hospital School

of Nursing


May 27, 1947





  1. The records for students are being kept more adequately.


  1. The teaching staff is poorly prepared.


  1. The teaching program is poorly organized and subjects are not taught in the same years as requested by Joint Committee on standardization.


  1. It is questionable whether students have been able to make up classes she missed during affiliation.




  1. It is recommended that the records be kept accurately and up to date and that the director of nurses be permitted to contact the Educational Director for conferences and advice whether in doubt or needed.


  1. Summer school program at Duke University in nurse education should be attended if possible by the faculty members including the director of nurses, instructors, and supervisors.


  1. The instructor should plan her year’s program for all students’ classes during the summer months and adhere to this program.  Rotation through services should be planned on a yearly basis.  When affiliations have to be arranged it is particularly necessary to have rotation in classes planned for the entire year so that classes can be scheduled accordingly.


  1. New class books should be started this next school year.  Car should be used to see that no pages are removed and no eradications should be made.  If a mistake is made, either scratch through or use new page.


  1. Toilet, laboratories, and bath facilities should be in proportion of one each per six students.


  1. At least two double electric hot plates should be added to the diet laboratory.


  1. Some specific space should be allotted for laundering and ironing.




            It is recommended that the Hamlet Hospital School of Nursing be provisionally approved for the next year during which time a committee form the Standardization Board shall be given the privilege of visiting the school without notice as often as it deems necessary in order to see that the recommendations submitted above are being met.



A.L. Daughtridge, M.D. Chairman




J. Virginia Miles, R.N. Ed. Director




Sample B. Forbus, Secretary




Amy Louise Fisher, R.N.








April 23, 1947


                There was a call meeting of the Joint Committee on Standardization at 417 Commercial Building, Raleigh, North Carolina on April 23 at 10:00 a.m.


Members present:


Dr. George L. Carrington, Chairman, Burlington, R.C. from N.C. Hospital Association.  Miss J. Virginia Miles, R.N., Educational Director.


Miss Myra Maxwell, R.N., Raleigh                                                                    from N.C. Board of Nurse Examiners

Mr. Sample Forbus, Durham, N.C.                                                                   from N.C. Hospital Association

Miss Miriam Daughtry, R.N., Winston Salem                                               from N.C. Board of Nurse Examiners

Miss Helen Nahm, Ph. D., Durham, N.C.                                                       from N.C. State Nurses’ Association Dr. Dr. A.L Daughtridge, Rocky Mount, N.C.                                                                      from N.C. State Nurses’ Association

Dr. Louten R. Hedgpeth, Lumberton, N.C.                                                   from N.C. Board of Nurse Examiners

Miss Ethel F. Burton, R.N., Charlotte                                                              from N.C. Board of Nurse Examiners                                                               

Miss Margaret Blee, R.N., former member by error


Mrs. Marie B. Noell, ex officio, representing North Carolina State Nurses Association


The meeting was called to order by the chairman.  There was an election of new officers.  Officers elected were:  Miss Amy Louise Fisher, Chairman, Miss Miriam Daughtry, Vice Chairman, and Miss Helen Nahm, Secretary.


        Representatives from the Hamlet Hospital School of Nursing appeared before the Board in behalf of their school of nursing.  Before being called in to present their information, the Educational Director gave a resume’ of her recent visit to the school and correspondence received from the director of nurses there, giving evidence of little improvement in the school in spite of recommendations and suggestions repeatedly made by the Standardization Board.  Dr. James, Jr., speaking in behalf of the Hamlet Hospital School of Nursing, stated that upon his return from military service overseas, he found all of the suggestions and recommendations made by the Standard Board to improve the training school, that a new director of nurses has been employed, and the same instructor is employed but all of her time is devoted to the school program.  He further stated that it was his intentions to abide by the rules and regulations of the Standardization Board and fulfill its requirements.


                In reply to Dr. James, Mr. Forbus made the following statement: “I was one of the committee appointed to visit the Hamlet Hospital School of Nursing and investigate the conditions there.  On our visit I gained the impression that the objective in running the training school was solely to get nursing help to take care of patients.  That need caused the authorities at that time to utterly disregard the regulations of the Standardization Board.  There seemed to be a feeling that there was not much interest in the adhering to the regulations of the Standardization Board.  I think everyone connected with a hospital knows that you must get some assistance from student nurses, but they must keep in mind that they have a reciprocal obligation to the school and that the hospital should see that the students get what they have to have.  My feeling, as a member of the Board, is that if the school cannot, even for very good reasons, get those things that will enable them to carry out the regulations of the Standardization Board, I question the advisability of that school continuing to operate.  In so doing the purpose of a training school is defeated.  When I was there, the records were fraudulent.”