1937 Rules for Registration with the W-S Nurses Registry






  1. Nurses who are members in good standing in the Winston-Salem Nurses Association District No. 2 of the N.C. State Nurses Association are eligible for the Registry.


  1. Nurses having applied for Registry or Reciprocity, whose application has been approved by the Board of Directors, may have use of Registry on payment of current dues.


  1. When a nurse has registered for duty she should make it possible for the Registrar to communicate with her by telephone at all times.


  1. Nurses reporting for duty are placed at the foot of the list.


When no request is made for a particular nurse, the Registrar shall, if possible, send the first one on list who is registered for the type of work to which the case refers.


  1. The registry fee of $7.50 per year is payable to Chairman of Registry Committee not later than February 28.  Nurses beginning use of Registry for first time on or after July 1st are required to pay only $4.00 for last half of year.


  1. When a call for a nurse is cancelled after her arrival at the house, she is entitled to one day’s pay.


  1. Should a nurse voluntarily give up a case she should make no charge for that day.


  1. When a nurse is on 20-hour duty, in order to secure efficient performance of her duty it is requested that she have at least from 4 to 8 hours for rest and recreation.


  1. In case of charity calls the nurse at the foot of the list shall be requested to take it, provided she has signified her willingness to take such work.  However, any nurse on duty with a charity case shall be furnished a substitute when she is called to a regular case, or when she is called to a regular case, or when for any other reason she wishes to be relieved.


  1. Any nurse who habitually neglects to observe rules of the Registry will forfeit membership.





  1. General Nursing:

$5.00 per day—12-hour duty

$7.00 per day—20-hour duty


  1. Obstetrical cases:

$6.00 per day—12-hour duty

$8.00 per day—20-hour duty

(In case of death of child or still-born same to come under general nursing.)


  1. Special Cases—(These include Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever, Smallpox, Veneral Diseases, Alcoholic and Mental cases).

$6.00 per day—12 hour duty

$8.00 per day—20 hour duty


  1. In cases where there are more than one patient, $1.00 per day may be charged for each additional bed patient, conditions permitting.


  1. Treatments and hourly nursing:

$1.50 for first hour or fraction

$.50 for second hour or fraction

$2.50 for four hours relief

$1.00 for hypodermics

$5.00 for assisting at operation in home

$5.00 for assisting with a delivery


  1. All charges mentioned herein must be complied with by the nurse.  If any nurse desires to give a discount she must inform patient of correct amount of charges and the amount or percent of deduction.