1922 Asheville City Directory of nurses


1922 Asheville City Directory Listings for “nurse”


In the 1922 Asheville City Directory, there are 253 entries designating nurses.  AT that time, anyone could call themselves a nurse, trained nurse or graduate nurse.  The term “Registered Nurse” was reserved for those who met the criteria to take and then passed the NC State Board of Nurse Examiners test for Registered Nursing.


The Veterans Administration Hospital in Oteen, now known as the Charles George Veterans Administration Hospital, was not considered part of Asheville at this time, Oteen was a separate town, so the nurses working at the VA Hospital in Oteen are not listed.  The US Public Health Service  ran a separate hospital for veterans in Asheville, Kennilworth and those nurses do appear in the Director y.  The African American Blue Ridge Hospital opened in the fall of 1922, so the nurses hired to work there do not appear in this year’s directory. 


The Tuberculosis Sanitarium -  St. Josephs, which would become a general hospital  in 1938 was operating  in 1922 but no notations appear  in the Directory linking a specific nurse to that facility. Norburn Hospital did not open until 1928.  The French Broad Hospital, which was renamed Ashton Park Hospital around 1929, opened in 1927. 


Asheville Mission Hospital  (now Mission Health Care Systems)  29 Nurses

Myrtle Battle

Miss E. Brandon

Lucy Burge

Bessie Campbell

Sueanna Carriker, R.N.

Bessie Fleming

Rachel Floyd

Kathryn Goodson

Mary Griffin

Lucille Hazzard

Maude Henderson

Cora Huntsinger

Emily Mashburn

Quinnie Johnson

Verna Jones

Estelle Lowman

Kathyrn Mayer

Winona Norland – Head Nurse

Helen Patz

Leora Pearson

Delava Penland

Margaret Robertson

Helen Robinson

Myrtle Starnes

Jessie Smith

Edna Taylor

Fucia Tipton

Margaret Veirtel

Dorothy Williamson


Appalachian Hall (early psychiatric hospital) – 14 Nurses

Fanie Boggs                                                                        Mrs. J.A. Alley

Hallie Crawford, Student Nurse

Clara Culp

Laura McNider, Student Nurse

Ruth Walker

Rose Weimarts

Hester Campbell

Harriett Johnson

Sue McIntyre

Alene Smith

Lola Staton

Barbara Strongmiller

Elma Wentz


Clarence Barker (later Biltmore) Hospital 20 Nurses

Olive Burnett

Edith Cottrell

Gladys Cowgrill

Alpha Crittle

Maisie Daniels

Mabel Davis

Ruth Dougherty

Annie Glenn

Elsie Hayes

Annie Justice

Janet Kennedy

Jennie Lockwood

Margaret Long

Louise McCormick

Marian Miller

Olive Smith

Kate Ramseur

Mamie Shoat

Sara Taylor

Mildred Williamson


Highland Hospital – Early Psychiatric Hospital 19 Nurses

Miss Boone

Abey Thompson

Miss. J.F. Till

Alice Washington

Miss J.R. Wilson

Selma Yongue

Bessie Berent

Mrs. B.H. Holden

Rebecca McMiller

Miss G. Morgan

Miss K. Mourring

E. Nesbitt, RN

Miss S. Norton

Celia Parrish

Miss M. Porter

Julia Pratt

Farrie Sasley

Gertrude Sukes

Marie Zimmerman








Kenilworth Hospital  (US Public Health Service Hospital -early V.A. type Hospital) 36 Nurses


Clara Adams                                                                       Sara Mulberry

Ruth Davis                                                                           Emma Nichols   

Bessie Chapman                                                               Ella Oliver, Head Nurse

Annie Coghlan                                                                   Louise Reinhardt

Isabel Webb                                                                       Effie Sasser        

Fletcher Copeland                                                           Emma Morrison

Annie Cropper                                                                  Helena Krause, Asst Chief Nurse

Helen Duncombe                                                             Margaret Jones, Chief Nurse

Ada Bone                                                                            Roselind Jackson

Jane Dwyer                                                                        Mabel Miller

Carolyn Arnold                                                                  Florence Waldron

Edith Bradenn                                                                   Anna Valer                         

Zella Bradford

Eva Blackwell

Minnie Lister

Theresa Page

Eula Paschal

Lucy Scoggin

Ida Searight

Ethel Fuss

Mary Gahagan

Helen Hammer

Beatrice Joyce

Margaret Joyce


Tuberculosis Sanitaria – 6 Nurses


Ottari Sanitarium                                             Biggs Sanitatium

Elethea Brush                                                    Lula Bowman    

Jeannie Cooley


Winyah Sanitarium

Edna Edmonds


McRae’s Sanitarium      

Vira calloway

William Calloway, Registered Nurse -  ONLY MALE NURSE IN THE DIRECTORY









Meriwether Hospital – General Hospital 22 Nurses

Martha Brooks, Head Nurse

Willa Beck

Mildred Burgess

Margaret Clifton

Wylma Holland

Iola Ingles

Eliza LaMar

Marie Logan

Agnes Messer

Bertha Naylor

Ida Palmer

Myrtle Parker

Annie Penland

Virginia Penly

Rose Todd

Pauline Rathbone

Sadie Vaughn, Superintendent of Nurses

Agnes Wyatt, Superintendent of Nurses

Jessie Wilson

Kathleen Wyatt

Dora Waldrop

Annie Yoden


Private Duty 101 Nurses


African American Private Duty Nurses 12 Nurses

Frances Burton

Annie Lockhart, rooms

Ruby Sellers

Mary Simon

Annie Smith

Mary Tanner, rooms

Willie Wherry

Hattie Woodford, Practical Nurse

Mamie Woodford

Maggie Abbott

Eleanor Anderson

Carrie Bayne











White Private Duty Nurses 89 Nurses

 Esther Dicks (rooms)                                                                     Margaret Moore (rooms)

Bertha Dollar, Trained Nurse                                                       Bessie Murphy, rooms

Flora Emerson (rooms)                                                                  Sarah Neely, Trained Nurse        

Genevieve Donald                                                                          Mary Pearson, Trained Nurse

Florence Gudger, Trained Nurse                                                               Jessie Piper, RN

Blanch Glenn, Trained Nurse                                                      Selma Poetz, RN

Louise Guffiin                                                                                    Ruby Reister

Helena Hackney                                                                                               Ida Rhodes, Trained Nurse, rooms

Minnie Hackney                                                                                               Mildred Ritchie

Ethel Hall, Trained Nurse, rooms                                               Grace Sample

Minnie Harrison                                                                                Julia Shope

Helen Hooper, rooms                                                                    Meta Snyder

Ester Kirk, R.N                                                                                   Mae Sylvia, RN

Jane Hume, RN                                                                                 Evelyn Winecoff, rooms

Mary Hunt, RN                                                                                  Sue Wilson, RN

 Mursetis Ingles                                                                                                Miss Lane Williams, RN

Jessie Jackson, rooms                                                                    Leah Wilson

Annie Johnson, Trained Nurse, rooms                                    Delia Teague

Evelyn Johnson, rooms                                                                 Lillian Toomer

Maud Larrice                                                                                      Frances Weisgerber, Practical Nurse

Rosa Law, RN                                                                                     Annie Wells

Myra Leath                                                                                         Eva Williams, Practical Nurse      

Dorothy Sloan, Trained Nurse                                                    Bess Wilson

Amy Lewis, Graduate Nurse                                                       Vidie Abernathy, Trained Nurse, rooms

Mary Lineberry, Trained Nurse                                                  Nora Alder, Trained Nurse, rooms

Althalia lord, RN                                                                                Kate Anderson, Trained Nurse, rooms

Elinoir Orman, room                                                                       Mary Anderson, Trained Nurse

Fanie Orpin, Practical Nurse                                                        Annie Armand

Emfer Owen, rooms                                                                       Pearlie Brank

Mary Parrish, RN                                                                              Eleanor Buckner, Practial Nurse

Grace Redmon                                                                                  L.W. Buckner, Trained Nurse

Annie Reel, Trained Nurse                                                           Bessie Crumb   

Belle Reese, Trained Nurse                                                     Lena Cairmen        

Connie reeves, Trained Nurse                                                    Bell Campbell, RN           

Ila Reeves, Trained Nurse                                                            Elizabeth Davis

Miss M.S. Ritchie, Trained Nurse                                               Cora Carter

Madeline Still wagon, RN                                                              Ella Case, RN

Belle Lunsford, RN                                                                           Mary Casnover, rooms

Zilpah Lunsford, RN                                                                         Della Cazel, rooms

Nell Luther                                                                                          Mary Curtis, rooms

Annie McDevitt, RN                                                                        May Jones, Trained Nurse

Carrie Mathews, Practical Nurse                                                               Lucy Kilner

Florence Chambers                                                                         Bertha Clement, Trained Nurse

Ethel Frady                                                                                         Blanche Glenn, Trained Nurse

Pearl Cotton, Trained Nurse



Doctor’s Office Nurses 4 Nurses


Bertha Isreal , Trained Nurse for Dr. A.T. Pritchard

Florence Johnson, nurse for Dr. Karl Von Ruck

Bonnie Joyce, nurse for Dr. Karl Von Ruck

Lottie Williams, Trained Nurse, for Dr. H.H. Briggs


Other -  2 Nurses

Annie Lansing, nurse, the Elbermar

Marian Bridgett, Trained Nurse, the Pines