1907-1908 Asheville City Directory listing of Nurses

1907-1908 Asheville City Directory listing of Nurses – 56 nurses total


Asheville Mission Hospital -10                                                  African American Nurses-4

Mary Laxton- Head                                                                         Katherine Warner

Lucy McClean                                                                                    Amanda Tucker

Edna Julian                                                                                          Jenny Burgess

Lola Hardin                                                                                          Charlie Byers (male nurse)

Hattie Eller

Maggie Bryson

Myrtle Brevard

Roberta Allen

Margaret Patterson

Flora Newton


Dr, Carroll’s Sanitarium - 7

Annie Cordona

Louise Guffin

Stella Hardward

Bess Rankin

Sue Wilson

Daisy Mackey

Loritz Lawson – Male nurse


Clarence Barker Hospital -2

Florence Pitts

Floy Miller


Winyah Sanitarium -1

Helen Hawkes


Asheville School (Private) -1

Mary Thompson, Trained Nurse


Trained Nurses -4

Mary Thompson (see Asheville School)

Lorena Ray

Rosalind Marshall

Mary Garrity


Male Nurses -4

Silas Smith – Highland Hall

Robert Lynn – Highland Hall

Loritz Lawson – Dr. Carroll’s Sanitarium

Charlie Byers (African American)







White female Nurses without affiliation in the City Directory - 25

Mittie Sullivan

Mattie Stines

Nellie Staples

Gonano Starnes

Mary Spilardes

Belle Reese

Delia Pritchard

Anna Patton

Olof Olopson

Mary Miller

Nan Merritt

Etta Malone

Christine Key

Irene Kestler

Nellie Hackney

Mamie Grant

Miss M.A. Foster

Hester Evans

Lula Dobson

Georgia Adams

Julia Colyer

Amy Colyer

Ruth Burgess

Laura Belle

Mary Batterham** 


** Mary Rose Batterham was extremely active in the NC State Nurse Association and for years was thought to be the first Registered Nurse in the US.  It is amazing that she didn’t put
“Registered Nurse” after her name.